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B’nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship is a place where Jews and Gentiles can worship Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah, within a Jewish context. We proclaim that Am Yisrael Chai B’Yeshua HaMoshiach, “The people of Israel live in Jesus the Messiah.”

In Genesis 12:2-3, G-d promises that He would make Abraham a great nation and through Abraham all the nations of the earth would be blessed. This promise of G-d’s blessing includes not only his physical descendents, the Jewish people, but all the other people groups (i.e., gentiles). Today, most congregations that believe in Yeshua are predominantly gentile and the cultural context is, at times, not comfortable for Jewish believers who want to express their faith in the Messiah within a Jewish context.

Come join us! Celebrate the biblical Holy Days in a messianic frame of reference, and learn about scripture from a messianic perspective. This is a place where Jewish, Gentile, intermarried, or the searching, can feel welcomed, enjoy interesting people and learn more about G-d.



Ted Pearce Concert
Ted Pearce in concert
Friday, July 10th at 7:00 PM
at B'nai Avraham Messianic Fellowship

Meeting at::
Hampton Roads Baptist Church
347 Hampton Roads Avenue
Hampton, Virginia

Admission is free but a love offering will be taken for Ted Pearce Ministries
Mid-Atlantic Messianic Men's Conference 2015
Mid-Atlantic Messianic Men's Conference 2015
Topic: Virtuous & Victorious Disciple: Discovering the Disciple's Destiny
Guest Speaker Dr. Daryl "Bones" Jones, Cru Military's International Diretor
and Retired USAF Colonel
Dates: Saturday, September 5 through Monday September 7, 2015

For more information click on the "Events" tab and then the "Event Information" tab and download the brochure

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